Slave Training Brings Rewards!

Slave trainingMaster was proud of me! I had managed to clean the entire house AND finish all the chores he had left for me, and he was going to reward me!! He carried me to his bed, and tied me up to the head and foot-boards. When I was secured and unable to move, he put a sensory deprivation hood on me. Every sound was muffled, and I couldn’t have seen a thing if I had wanted to. I felt his fingers, warm and firm trail from my collar bone down the center of my chest. The next thing I felt was cold and hard, thin, like a pipe, trailing that same path, before veering off to play at my nipples, one at a time. The coldness had my nipples puckering up and all but begging for some attention, and me moaning out my desire, but it soon vanished. Then, I felt something light and soft trail over each nipple, then down over my stomach and belly. That soft object traced patterns over my hips, just where they met my thighs, and drove me wild. I needed to be touched lower, my cunt was dripping and throbbing, and I was hungry to cum. When that moved away, I groaned with the loss and anticipation of whatever was coming next. The warm liquid I felt next surprised me. It was drizzled down over my shaved cunt. Then, I felt my pussy lips being held open as more of the liquid was drizzled over my clit and down my gash. When I felt it being massaged into my pussy and clit, I realized it was an oil or lube that had been heated up. I felt what I thought was a finger run over my clit and down my gash, but the next thing I knew, it was vibrating its way up my love-canal. It worked its way inside of me, and fingers actually started working at my clit and my shit box. I came hard, and he just kept going after it, letting that vibrator bury itself deep inside of me as he kept working me over. He let me come 4 times before he pulled it out and stopped playing with me. Then, I felt it. His great big dick was poking at the entrance to my ass. The oil allowed the head to finally penetrate, and I let out a gasp as it popped home. He started working his cock in and out, forcing it slowly deeper, until he was balls-deep inside of me. When his fingers started driving into my cunt and over my clit, I knew I was done for. He fucked me mercilessly like that. I lost track of time, and only knew that my body was a quivering mass of orgasmic jelly when he finally came. And, Master came inside me!! He let my ass have his entire juicy load!

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