Slave training from Robyns Point of View!

Slave trainingSlave Training POV from Slave Robyn! The hanging and pulling of my most sensitive parts is what hurts the most when I’m shackled and immobile. The way the cords pull on me as I am being pierced by my Nipple clamps and a rope threaded Through my clit hood piercing.

I’m forced to endure mean men who have taken away my sense of self. I hate it and I love it at the same time.   My body and mind are powerless to stop them. Your Milf slave has been given no choice. I must obey. 

My ass being riddled with so many welts as I am trained up to be a Pretty plaything on a string is what it feels like. Make me shudder in pleasure and pain. here I am to be broken and remade. I am no longer the same. Consider me a Pathetic slave to these men. I am theirs.

Slave Training POV from Slave Robyn 
 I am a slave.

My body is a canvas, I know giving into pain and being molded into the image of my master is nothing to take lightly. I scream and cry and deep inside I know this submissive whore needs the pain to become obedient and malleable. I never know how a master is going to use pain and bondage to make his own cock better! 

For example, my master might tie me up and use nipple clamps and whips to make me beg for his pleasure. He will then use me to pleasure himself and when he is finished he will leave me in a heap of my own pain and tears. I will always be his slave, and I will obey his every command.


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