Slave training gives me a mouth full

My Slave training consists of being tied up for hours at a time. Since i am a worthless dick feen he teases me when he spanks me by rubbing his cock all over my face. I can’t help but open my slut mouth. After my master slaps me he says “you hungry bitch you are barely worthy of my dick” “yes master you are right” i responded. After that he pulls his favorite paddle out. That tells me I am about to get my bare bottom beat until I submit to his every whim.

Slave training

“You will take my spankings until you are welted and sore” is all he said as I got my first paddle. After a few my legs were shaky, “look you are pathetic you cant even take my paddle” he says as he continues to paddle me hard. “Keep going master i can take, i will make you proud”. That made you hard and excited and you went in harder on my ass.

Then you stuffed your cock down my throat making me choke. The hard paddling to my bare ass and your cock down my throat had my cunty dripping. Finally I felt your balls tighten up as your paddle hit my ass. I even felt the swelling of my ass cheeks as I started swallowing your thick load. “Good job Submissive Whore you drank all my nut” you said as you walked away leaving me tied up in bondage.

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