Slave Training in the rain

slave training

Like a good slut I was running the other day trying to lose some of this weight when suddenly it started to rain and storm. I was 5 miles from my car and the nearest building other than a shower/restroom I had seen when running by earlier. I decided to head back that way to get cover. I was running through the rain when suddenly I felt something hit my head hard and suddenly I was on the ground and he was on top of me. He was breathing hard as he shoved my face into the dirt. It was raining hard and I couldn’t see him as much as I tried to struggle. He held me down firm as he touched my ass and tits and slit his hands down the front of my pants. I screamed and tried to get away which I suppose angered him as he shoved a knife against my throat warning me to not fuck with him. I was terrified and stopped stuggling. He ripped my shorts off my body, I was slick with the rain, my face still in the dirt, some of it even in my mouth. He slapped my ass and pussy hard then slowly began to run his knife along my curves and creases. He said nothing as I cried in the rain, so scared… but strangely horny. He noticed that the wetness between my legs was no longer the rain but me. He finally laughed and it sent chills down my spine… he was going to ruin me I just knew it. He order me to get off the ground and walk. I did so and I saw the showers and bathrooms ahead. I knew not to get excited, no one would be near here anytime soon. I stumbled as he pushed me to hurry up, he then allowed me to see his face and I knew then that it was it for me, I was going to be here a long time. He tied my arms above my head and gaged me. He turned the shower on full hot, the dirt washing off of me as he scalded my skin with the boiling water. I couldn’t move… he laughed and I knew it was time to surrender myself for good.

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