Slave training my asshole

Slave training

Master feels I am not being the submissive I have been trained to be and wants to refresh my submissive memory. The area I am lacking most is my submission with him fucking my ass. I have safe worded a few times during, I’m just not a fan. So today I start ass training.
Master lays me on the bed, ties each leg up and open exposing my ass pussy and dignity. I’m worried my ass will hurt so much from this I am tense. Then he starts to slowly and gently lick my pussy, fingering my twat with one finger then two. I can feel my pussy getting hot and wet. Then I feel a finger probing my asshole. He keeps chanting to me, relax and enjoy this. My pussy is on fire, aching to cum, but he teases even more. He brings me close to cumming over and over. I am soaking wet and can feel my sweet pussy juices running over my asshole. He takes advantage and starts to push a butt plug in my ass. Oh he is so right, it feels amazing. The butt plug finally slides all the way in and he is back playing and teasing my pussy. I need to cum so bad and I start to beg, he smiles and tells me that is where he wants me. He starts fucking my ass with the butt plug, fast then slow all the while playing with my clit. I’m grinding begging him not to stop. And then I feel it, I am starting to cum. As I tip over that edge he stops playing with my clit and is just fucking my ass with the plug and I don’t stop cumming. He moves and it is suddenly his cock fucking my tight asshole. He said he can feel my ass contracting from cumming and it just doesn’t stop. I’m taking his fat cock in my ass and I am loving it! What a great training session. What would you have done?

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