Slave training of young slaves Is a skill I have!

Slave training

Slave training is not necessary with this full-time submissive. Although, I do have some daughters and younger slaves that need a helping hand to their backside if you know what I mean.  Now I know what you are thinking… You can not teach a subby how to be submissive from the start. But taking a woman or girl who already has that side to her and training her is thrilling. And I have been know to break a housewife and her daughter into complete cock worship status!

The mommy and daughter across the street know very well all about that. As new neighbors without a string make lead they made the perfect targets.  I want to be their eager Misstress. I will be the one that takes them on a painful journey of self-discovery. Another slave to show them the power of submission has my body trembling.

I watch and wait for the perfect opportunity to have my master invite them over for a bondage party.  I set up the ropes and whips and nipple clamps so perfectly. Lube and a couple of lines of coke are a must for these two soon-to-be subby whores!

Slave training a mother-daughter team is on my to-do list!

Teaching the younger generation about Bondage and submission makes my body tingle. I cum as Master watches me masturbate as I tell him what I want done to each of them. Alas, having a daughter in the mix has me even more drippy wet than usual. Seeing both of them surrounded by a gaggle of cock Is giving me accomplice vibes.

I’ll take my whipping and slapping right alongside both of them. I will be watching as they take massive cock in holes that have never been used properly.  I will be there to savor every moment of their pleasure and pain. I will be their guide and teacher to the world of Sub-slut Slavery.  As always I am ever so eager to show them the beauty of submission. Hurt me and them as you cum so hard for us master! 

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