Slave training started long before I could even count to 10

Slave training When I was a Teen whore daddy used to pound me like a sex toy. I never grew out of it! I grew to love being used like a filthy whore by my father. Slave training started way before I could even count to 10. Daddy was an alcoholic and would abuse my mom. Eventually, he started using my pussy as a bonus hole. He kicked Mom out of bed and would have her sleep on the cold hardwood floor. While he molested my cunnie!

Mom never tried to stop him, or even tell anyone what was happening.

She was such an obedient slave slut for Daddy and that’s why he married her. Before forcing his dick into any hole of mine of his choice he would tease Momma’s cunt. He would get her soaking wet and when she was near climax, he would take a paddle to her cunt and whip it for thinking she stood a chance. Bondage and Submission had always been a kink of my mothers, she enjoyed being tied down and taken advantage of. Dad and Mom met at a swingers club…

The first time he ever saw my mom was on all fours getting gang banged by a gang of Big black cocks. Daddy had a thing for women who would willingly get fucked in front of their husbands. She spent the majority of her life being used like a cum rag! He tends to throw that in her face now that she is all worn out and nobody would want her. When I came into the picture Mom was left with cobwebs and my cunnie was all Daddy wanted. When he ever found out I had sex with another man besides him he had sent me out into the world to fend for myself. I used to be an escort for one of my Masters until I found out I could just work from home as a Submissive phone sex slut and be paid to be abused.

Now, I have a room set up as my dungeon that I spend most of my days inside of self inflicting wounds all over my body for you.

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