Slave training while doing their homework!

Slave trainingThe daddy they decided to use for my Slave training today was pumping away at my ass without a care for my aches and little cries. He was being far too rough, but a good girl doesn’t complain, she continues to do the homework of her captives while she’s fucked and tortured. This daddy was very clear, his slave needs to get a perfect score every time and never slack off so the boys can afford to spend their time on part time jobs to get lots of money for them to spend it all on crazy torture tools for her. I’d have thought the phone sex was good enough for that alone, but evidently not so here I worked my hardest while clenching my asshole and meeting his twisted needs. He had a great education himself, so he watched over the shoulder of his Submissive slut and every time he wasn’t satisfied with one of my answers he began to thrust even harder to tell me to redo it. At this point I was on the same problem I’d been for over five minutes, my ass too much a distraction for me to think with his throbbing prick swelling inside and wrecking me in all the right and wrong ways, even if the questions themselves were very easy. A man of few words, he held off until after I’d rewritten it yet again, and gave his massive, throbbing cock a nice kick inside me. His balls were swollen with satisfaction, and my asshole suddenly filled with the thickest cream I could ask for. It heated me up immediately and brought a shameful flush to my cheeks. I guess I got the answer right that time, otherwise, he’d have held off again like the teasing jerk he can be. He pulled out of my bouncy ass just in time to shoot one or two last squirts right on it. He clapped it, and rubbed all the cum in, praising his little Cum slut phone sex whore with a little bit of pain and a jizz glaze. 

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