Slave trainingMy master will be home soon, so everything needs to be perfect. The bed needs to be made so tight that a quarter will bounce off the mattress. The floors need to be so shiny that you can see your reflection. Dinner better be hot and ready. And I better be naked with only heels on. He likes to eat his dinner first with me under the table sucking his cock. I have to eat real food before he comes home, because when he’s home cum is the only thing on menu. After dinner he likes a hot bath followed by a massage. Usually the massage leads to him brutally fucking me. He fucks me like he hates me. Pounding my pussy, and pulling my hair. His favorite position is doggy style, he likes to slap my ass hard over and over again. After sex my body is black and blue. The whole time I’m doing this daily routine I’m not allowed to speak, he likes silence. I obey his rules because he looks for reasons to punish me. I’m his slave and slaves have no opinions or rights. I only do what he allows me to do.

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