Long Hard Work Day

submissive slut

I love being head bitch at work.
Bossing people around all day is super easy for me.
All my employees do what they’re asked, when I ask it.
All except the new guy I hired this past Monday.
He refuses to listen to me, and disagrees with me often.
Although usually I would be pissed when someone back talks me at work, there was something oddly pleasing about this man not listening to me.
I know I always have to listen to master, but he’s gone still out of town.
So while master is away, a girl can play, right?
This new hire has been giving me shit since Monday, and for some reason is turning me on. He’s extremely dominant like master, but in a dark mysterious kind of way.
I can’t tell if he wants to fuck me, or if he wants me to fuck him!
He constantly stares at my tits all day long. They’re covered for the most part since I do dress very professionally, but always with a little bad girl underneath!
I’ve been so busy that today during lunch, I leaned back in my office chair, and just started fingering my pussy.
I was so turned on, but had no time to leave.
I heard a knock at the door, my shirt still off, but he couldn’t see underneath the desk. My new hire had just walked into my office, and I wasn’t wearing my shirt!
One tit was pulled out of my bra so I could play with it while I finger fucked myself, and he just kept staring. I quickly put my shirt back on, as he closed the door.
It’s been 2 hours now since that happened, and I can feel his eyes following me around the office. What do I do? What do I say? I didn’t even get to cum! I’m still fucking soaking wet, and so turned on.

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