Sold Piece Of Meat Used Well!

S&M pornSo my master had a paying customer named Jim who was very interested in the use of clothes pin and rope. He was a sadistic pervert and enjoyed inflicting torture and pain on the whores he chose to use. He offered a really good chunk of money to my owner so he happily accepted the price and told him he had the perfect cunt for him. My owner knows I can handle any kind of submission and pain; so he knew I would be of perfect use for Jim. It made me feel so honored and useful to know I was top pick out of all the other slave girls my owner trains and has. 

My whole point is, when you are a well rounded slut who doesn’t say no and doesn’t have limitations you are way more useful in all aspects during training and when you are finally owned. You will put yourself on the top of the list for your owner when he is out there trying to make all his customers happy. In all, this means your owner is making the money he needs off selling your body and the customers never complain when they get what they need and want. I was so excited to do my job well, and make my daddy proud of me and my holes.

Jim was a mean man and loved to make a whore whimper beneath him. I was a little intimidated but most certainly ready to take whatever he was going to throw my way. When I met Jim, he introduced himself by spitting on me, bending me over to look at my holes and choking me to see how hard he could go before I passed out. He then simply said “You are a nice piece of meat bitch; I can’t wait to hurt you and drain my nuts into you”. I smiled and shook my head and got on my knees to wait for instructions.

He wanted me to eat his ass hole immediately while he simply stroked off over my face. We did that for a bit until he pulled my head up and said “Open cunt”. I opened my mouth and he immediately began jack hammering my throat open until I was gagging and spitting all over the place. He went at it for a while and kept saying “I won’t stop until you puke you fucking pig whore”. I actually ended up throwing up everywhere so he pulled out of my throat and told me to turn around and point my cunt and ass hole toward him.

He came up behind me and shut my pussy lips with his hand and attached 4 clothes pins across my cunt. He then took his fingers and started finger bashing my ass hole open while I moaned. He then said “Your nasty pussy hole is of no use to me bitch; whores get fucked in the shit pipe until they cry”. He laughed, before I could answer he already shoved his cock in my ass hole and was ramming me out. He wanted me to tell him how much I loved being treated like a worthless set of holes. He just kept fucking me like a rag doll.

After a bit he told me to turn around and taste my ass juice off his cock. I started to suck it clean and he slapped me and said “I don’t want a sweet blowjob; you know what I want you dumb whore”. He took a handful of my hair and went back to using the back of my throat again. Through my muffled gasps he said “Okay bitch, I am going to cum up your ass hole right after you puke on my cock again”. I felt myself about to throw up again; once I did he threw me on all 4s again and slammed his puke covered cock back in my ass. He pumped a few more times, grabbed my hair, put his other hand around my throat and choked me while he blew his nut so far up my ass hole. He was cumming so hard and kept saying “Good little slave bitch take my nasty seed”!

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