Son’s beginnings

Submissive whore

I was sitting today, thinking back to the begging when my son first made me his submissive whore. Wonderful memories. He had started to grow into a beautiful teenage boy. I was hating myself for my intimate feelings for my own son, but every time I saw his body move when he was outside sweating, and noticed how big the bulge in his pants were when he had his random hardons, I felt my body react so hard I had to change my panties just to keep the pussy juice from soaking through my clothes! My husband couldn’t keep up with my sex drive, and was gone so much.

Thank you craigslist! I got a guy to come fuck my horny mommy pussy a few times. I thought I had seen my son’s eyes peeking through the cracked door once or twice, but that’s impossible, he wasn’t home. Right?

I had to get my hands on him. I decided to try giving him a shower. When he was younger I would shower with him all the time and it didn’t matter. He’ll never know anything was up. And surprisingly he went right along with it. I thought I would just suds him up, get my eyeful, and be done with it.

Oh no. Not at all. His body was so young, vital, and hard! Smoothing the soap over his taught flesh was almost more than I could take. I needed more. When I touched his penis to wash it, it sprang to life. His size far surpassed his father. What kind of mother am I? I had to get out of there. He went to his room, and me to mine. I busied myself with housework, hoping to distract my ind from how far I took it.

I walked past his door, and glanced in to see if there was any laundry piled on the floor where any teenage boy keeps it. Right next to the hamper. But I stopped dead in my tracks. There was my son, gloriously naked, stroking his cock on his bed, with my picture in a frame by his bead. His eyes were so intently locked onto my image, he didn’t see me watching.

That’s it, I’m going to hell. Might as well go having fun!

I took the risk. I went in, and with out a word, leaned over and shoved his massive cock deep in my throat. My poor son gasped and came immediately so hard I could barely swallow his cum fast enough.

But, the nice thing about a sexy teenage boy? They can cum and cum for days! I got up on the bed and slid my very own son’s cock deep in my cunt, burying it to the hilt! I was riding him hard, we were both moaning and grinding. That’s when he surprised me, and threw me over, bent me over his pillows, and using my throat for leverage, wildly fucked my kitty from behind! He pulled my hair, choked me, spanked me hard, and gripped my back with his teeth.

I had never experienced fucking like that before in my life! We fucked for HOURS! He filled my box up with load after load of hot, surging jizz! And my son was a natural at dominating mommy, and we had so many years of fun.

Hmm, should I have used a condom?

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