Spanking Me Raw

Bare Bottom Spankings

There was no relief from the belt as it came across the soft flesh of my thighs again. My pussy was running wet rivers down those same welted thighs, the lubrication somehow making it hurt so much worse. And yet, my cunt was eating up every moment, every single drop of pain pleasurably provided by the strap. I screamed out, and he drew blood with the leather. One hundred lashes, and I was only on forty four. I couldn’t stand it for another second, but I had no where to go. I was bound, each finger and every toe spread. Reading my mind, he stopped his willful assault all over my thighs and instead took to beating my feet. He had given me a bare bottom spankings to start with that had drawn me close to the line of red and raw, but I was well over it now and well past my slutty little limit. I knew no thing on the planet but the pain, and my unquenchable desire for more of it. He moved his cock around to my moaning mouth, and started to roughly face fuck me. “I’ll give you something to cry about, bitch.” He snarled. I gagged around his dick.


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