Spankings All Night

Bare bottom spankings I haven’t even be able to sit down most of today, every time I do it hurts. Last night Master had gotten home from a night out with his friends. They were playing cards and it seemed he had last quite a bit. He was frustrated, I know how much he hates to lose and I especially know how angry it makes him. He of course find a way to make his bad night my fault, it was because I was behind in my chores when he left that threw him off. So Master took me into the room and stripped me down. He bent me over the bed and began to spank me hard and repeatedly. I could feel my ass cheeks feel warmer and sting more each time he spanked them. He did this for quite a while until finally I heard him take off his pants. He then gave my ass another round of very hard and rough slaps. Then without warning he forced his cock into my ass, fucking it deep into my ass. He continued with his punishment of me until he finally blew his load in my ass.

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