Special Slave Training on National Wildlife Day

slave trainingSlave training can get wild with some dominant men. It was National Wildlife Day the other day. I would not have known that if it had not been that the guy I hooked up with on Fet Life was a Zookeeper. Honestly, I had no clue he had something so kinky in mind for me. My master is conventional. He is an old school master who is into spanking, bondage and having a good obedient slave. He has some key rules that most men do not. He does not want me fucking anything too young or without 4 legs. He does not want me on drugs. Essentially, he just wants me to be a good and legal whore, LOL. I like extreme humiliation though and master’s forbidden things are among the more humiliating things for a woman. When my Fet Life hook-up took me to his zoo, honestly, I thought he just wanted to show me some behind the scenes things. I was looking forward to it. When I got there, it was not at all what I was expecting. He said I needed more slave training and humiliation. He stabbed me with animal tranquilizer. When I woke up, I was very groggy, and we were not alone. I saw the National Wildlife Day posters in the vet room. I also saw a lot of extra men and a big beast. I thought I was going to be gangbanged, but he had something more forbidden in mind. These men had all paid money to see some barnyard fun with a dirty old whore. I was tranquilized so I could not fight. They brought in a rather big beast with a monster cock. I started shaking and saying no. I screamed no. I was not into non-human fun. He did not care. None of them did. They wanted to give me some furry ones slave training. What felt like a ten foot cock pierced through my cunt and rearranged my insides. The dick was slimy and smelly. I was not drugged enough for this. I felt the pain. I heard their laughter as they watched one of their more perverse fantasies come true on National Wildlife Day. I may never walk right again.

slave training

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