Waited For My Punishment

Bondage whore

I was waiting for master to use and abuse me he had tied me up and left for work so I was bound until he got home, but I was horny so i wiggled my hand out to be able to finger my cunt until I came. When you got home you saw I had been naughty and I knew you were going to punish me. Thinking about my previous punishments it got me even hornier. You got your favorite paddle and you paddled me a few times on my ass. I started begging you to please fuck me and make me cum again. As you chuckled you shoved your cock in my wet dripping cunt. You took your belt and wrapped it around my neck ass you pounded me hard you tightened it up. You pulled your cock out of gooey wet cunt and shoved it deep in my ass. As you stretched my asshole with your big cock you tightened the belt around my neck more. I could fill my body going limp as I felt you fill my ass up with your hot gooey load.  

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