Students Destroy Teacher’s Holes and Use Her as a Cum Rag

Extreme bondageOne memory that will never leave my mind is when I was kidnapped and used as a sex slave for a bunch of teens. I was their instructor, and I had given each of them a failing grade in my class. They warned me that there would be consequences for giving them those grades. I didn’t think anything of it as I thought they wouldn’t have dared hurt me. One day, when I was pumping gas in my car, someone came up behind me and blindfolded me. Another scooped up my legs and they took me to their car. They had nowhere to take me, so they drove out to a field and forced me to strip naked. Those students tied me up tight with rope and then they publicly took turns fantasy raping me. This was punishment, they said, for giving them terrible grades. It was their right to take revenge on me. By the time they were done, my body was covered in cum, all of my holes were sore and red from the abuse, and I was left on the side of the road for anyone else to come and use me.

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