Ursa shares a naughty video with Master.

Submissive Whore

Master, do you like to watch porn? I am a Submissive whore and want to share this with you. Master I saw this great S&M video the other day. Do you mind if I show you Sir? It would really please me to show you. 

Let me share the link with you so we can watch it together Sir. I want to hear your breath quicken as you watch this slave get punished for being such a bad girl. You see, Dom gave her complete instructions and she did not listen. Now, she must be put in her place. 

Does watching that bad little slut suffer the consequences get you hard and excited? Do you need me to be a good girl and take care of that for you? Sir, I have a ton of videos that will help you get off while I do everything you say. Let me stimulate you visually with dirty smut while you bark commands at me. 

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