Submission Manor

Submissive slut


Last night I hung out with a cock strong cunt lover who showed me just how much of a submissive slut I really am.  He had a crazy set up designed for the sole purpose of dominating helpless whores like me and, let me tell you, it did not disappoint.  I’ve seen all sorts of salacious sanctuaries of suffering slaves and this guy’s place was definitely in the top three.

The domineering dick didn’t even wait for me to step all the way inside before he dropped me to the floor and shackled my hands and feet.  He didn’t say a word as he strung me up over a dog cage and shoved a bejeweled buttplug in my asshole.  The master silently manipulated his meaty hog into my moist cunt and fucked me so hard that I couldn’t stop squirting and gushing all over.

Showering the floor with my twat juice made Daddy really mad so he jerked his johnson out of my snatch and yelled “Bad girl, you made a mess!”  while spanking my ass really hard.  He forced me inside of the cage then whacked his wang until he shot his sweet, fat load all over me.

With all of this dom’s twisted toys, he could have done any number of crazy things to me in his manor of submission and I would’ve loved them all.  I guess he needed to treat a fine piece of ass like a bad girl.  Let’s face it, they all do.


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