Submission Shocker

Bondage submission


I think I’m so into bondage submission because I’m just really good at it!  I can take a lot of abuse on every part of my body and the dirty doms I kick it with aren’t shy in the least about putting that statement to the test.  It’s cool, I haven’t found a pussy mangling punishment that my calm, cool and collected cunt couldn’t handle yet!

I usually spend at least one or two nights a week down at Submission Manor.  The Headmaster there really knows his stuff and only lets the most seasoned sadists join his elite club of bound babe brutalizers, so any sub worth their salt knows you have to be accepted there if you’re serious about being subjugated.  I obviously had no issue being initiated into the abusive association.

Last night, they had it all set up and ready to spread lips with labia clamps so they had easy access to the wettest parts of their masochist’s pussy and asshole meat.  Every sub in the place was subjected to genital shock therapy, courtesy of whichever malicious master chose them as their target for torture.

Of course Headmaster chose me to be his helpless whore, I’m pretty sure he likes me more than the other weak little whipping blocks he has from which to choose.  He always grabs me before anyone else does, I know it’s only because he likes the way I scream.  I didn’t disappoint, those electrodes felt like they were frying the fuck out of my flaps.  I screamed, yelled, hollered and wailed as he zapped my creamy meat zipper over and over again, increasing the voltage steadily as we went along, but I never gave up.  Even when he told me how worthless I was and that I was a waste of his time, I didn’t tell him to stop.

I took every shock, every slap, every drop of spit in my face and every single inch of cock he had to offer.  I always do, that’s why he favors me.  The Headmaster knows that when he’s making me submit, I’ll give it up just how he likes it and I’ll never, ever give in.


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