When I’m ready for you to cum, you will know it

Bondage whoreGod, I love to fuck sissy boys! I love to take them right to the edge over, and over, and over again. Not allowing them to cum until I give them permission! Control is what I like, and I would like to have control over you! Can I make you into my little sissy baby? I know you have thought of letting a sexy woman control when you can play with your cock! How you can do it! And moreover, where your load is allowed to land! I’m going to tease your cock just right baby! Spitting on it I take my hand and grip it tight but not too tight! I slid my hand up and down your shaft taking my second hand and massaging your balls. You moan a little precum can be seen glistening in the light. It’s like it was screaming eat me, and I can a good mistress, so I licked it up and fed it to you with a passionate kiss. I never stopped stroking you cock, and I slam my face on your dick! I suck you fast, intentional, like I ravenous lioness, ready to catch her pry. You start to throb, and I pull back and stop, revealing your precum, again. “Oh, you are being such a good boy tonight!” I whisper as I feed you more of your precum off my finger. You moan in delight from the pleasure of edging, and the taste of your cum almost taking you over the edge itself! Oh baby, you better clam down because we are going to do this all night I say! “And when I’m ready for you to cum, you will know it, because you will be upside down on the couch, legs in the air, cumming directly into your own mouth while I’m smacking, and fucking your tight asshole!” I hiss before taking your cock and balls and gripping them tight! “And since you think you can cum without me, I’ve added a few punishments in the mix!” I say before slowly releasing the pressure and shoving a finger up your ass! “Oh yes! I’m going to have fun with you tonight, my little sissy boy! Now jerk your dick while I fuck my own ass you sissy!”


    • Rory on April 25, 2022 at 12:51 pm
    • Reply

    Mistress Phyllis, I love to be punished. Can you give me punishment?

    • Wynnona on April 26, 2022 at 11:53 am
    • Reply

    Awe Phylis. Youre so cute and sexy! Teach me how to train a sissy to eat his cum like you!

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