Submissive Phone Chat Makes Me Your Phone Slave

submissive phone chatI enjoy submissive phone chat with alpha men like you. A few years ago, my master found me this job. At that time, he knew he would be fully retired soon and wanted me to still have money coming in weekly. He set me up for a bright future with or without a job. But since I am much younger than he is, he knew I would still want a consistent paycheck.

My house, he paid for. And he set me up with a nice 401K but I cannot touch that for another 20 years. So, this is a nice option for me. But it scares me too. Makes me realize I hit the jackpot with my current master. The younger alpha men have grown sadistic over the years. Although I like to think I am a seasoned submissive whore, I think I am not seasoned enough for some of the more extreme and humiliating men in the world.

I am Compelled to Obey on and Off The Phone

But just like in person, on the phone I am compelled to obey. I got on a long call last night with a man more into humiliating me than anything. He had me drink out of my toilet bowl and clean it with my tongue. When a man forces you to do that, you suddenly realize how not clean your bathroom really is. He had me paddle my bald pussy with a hairbrush too. I had to spank my worthless pussy 50 times with each side of the hairbrush. And the bristle side hurt more, which surprised me.

My caller ordered me fuck my ass with that hairbrush and clean the handle off afterwards too. You may think your ass is clean, but until you suck your ass juice off the handle of a brush that you inserted into your asshole, you realize it is not so clean after all. For hours this man humiliated me and subjected me to grueling and humiliating tasks. This submissive sex slave fears what the world of masters looks like now.

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