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Submissive Phone Chat Makes Me Your Phone Slave

submissive phone chatI enjoy submissive phone chat with alpha men like you. A few years ago, my master found me this job. At that time, he knew he would be fully retired soon and wanted me to still have money coming in weekly. He set me up for a bright future with or without a job. But since I am much younger than he is, he knew I would still want a consistent paycheck.

My house, he paid for. And he set me up with a nice 401K but I cannot touch that for another 20 years. So, this is a nice option for me. But it scares me too. Makes me realize I hit the jackpot with my current master. The younger alpha men have grown sadistic over the years. Although I like to think I am a seasoned submissive whore, I think I am not seasoned enough for some of the more extreme and humiliating men in the world.

I am Compelled to Obey on and Off The Phone

But just like in person, on the phone I am compelled to obey. I got on a long call last night with a man more into humiliating me than anything. He had me drink out of my toilet bowl and clean it with my tongue. When a man forces you to do that, you suddenly realize how not clean your bathroom really is. He had me paddle my bald pussy with a hairbrush too. I had to spank my worthless pussy 50 times with each side of the hairbrush. And the bristle side hurt more, which surprised me.

My caller ordered me fuck my ass with that hairbrush and clean the handle off afterwards too. You may think your ass is clean, but until you suck your ass juice off the handle of a brush that you inserted into your asshole, you realize it is not so clean after all. For hours this man humiliated me and subjected me to grueling and humiliating tasks. This submissive sex slave fears what the world of masters looks like now.

Submissive Phone Chat is All I am Qualified to Do as a Whore

submissive phone chatI love having submissive phone chat. It was my master who led me to this site. Who knew there was a word of phone slaves? He is the reason I have a submissive phone bone career. I have few skills other than being a slave. Master did send me to paralegal school, but finding a new job in that field in my 40s and only having one job ever on my resume makes it challenging to find work. My master has set me up for life, but I still need money coming in regularly. I have a 401K, but I cannot touch that for about 30 years. I did not think I would love phone slave training, but I do. It is safer than the real world. I think that is what my master thought too. He wanted me to have a job where I could keep my submissive skills honed and make money. I have been his whore more than half of my life. I am a paralegal with some extra skills like cock sucking, ass eating and prostate draining. I just cannot list those skills on a typical resume. So, here I am being submissive on the phone for men like you.

Most days, I am a good phone whore, other times I am a great phone whore because I really get into a role play like last night. I talked with a man who use to abuse his own mother. She was a single mother raising a horny teen boy alone in the 80s. She would party and occasionally pass out. Her son started taking advantage of her while she was incapacitated. That was just his warmup. By the time he was in high school, he was exploring his rape phone sex fantasies on his mommy while she was awake. He broke his own mother. Made her his whore before he could drive. Something so hot about that. I masturbated all night long wishing he was my son.

Submissive Sex Chat Mommies are Popular

submissive phone chatSubmissive phone chat mommies will always be popular with boys and men alike. My son and his friends enjoy abusing mommy occasionally. I never mind. Most times I egg it on. Sometimes, I try to get my boy to ravage me, but most of the time he will not take the bait; so I masturbate thinking about past times. Last night, I knew I needed pounded. I wanted his cock to abuse my fuck holes, but he called me a desperate hag and locked his bedroom door. So, I remembered this one time years ago, when my son had a slumber party. I broke out the one sex toy master lets me have at home to remember the night. I had let my son invite a few of his hockey buddies over after they won a big game. I was drinking wine while they played video games in the recreation room. My little night gown was inappropriate in front of young horny boys. I knew it was, but I did not think at their age they would notice much. That was the first night my son fucked me. He said I was asking to be fucked. I got more than fucked. I got anally gang banged by schoolboys. They stuffed my ass with boy cock. At their age, they could stay hard for hours and fuck me aggressively. I was their submissive whore for hours. They made me clean their dicks that tasted like my dirty ass when they were done with me. At the time, I was humiliated. Now, I masturbate thinking about it and trying to recreate the very gang bang. My son is still friends with the same boys. They are over periodically just not all at once. I guess until I can get them to gang bang me again, I can at least masturbate to the memory.

Being a Submissive Whore is Tough Sometimes

submisive whore

Being a submissive whore is not as easy as it once was. Not that it was ever easy, I guess. I have a lifetime of scars. Maybe, I just lucked out with my masters. I have had two older men own me in my life, not including my own father. These two gentlemen were sophisticated, educated and had prestigious jobs. They were old-school masters. They were into BDSM games more than extreme humiliation or pain. Spanking, bondage and rough sex more than anything. Guys I talk to on the phone are downright scary sometimes. Just like the men I would meet in fetish clubs and online when I was in between masters. I do not know if it is a sign of the times, or just that I have been spoiled with the masters I have had thus far. Callers have been putting me through the ringer lately. Last week, I jumped up and down for what seemed like an eternity smacking my tits with a hairbrush. If I lost count, or said ouch, I had to start all over again. Another caller made me puke by ordering me to drink a big glass of warm salt water, then he wanted me to lick it up. Just disgusting. Another caller had me put my face in my dirty toilet and flush it. I had piss water up my nose. Others have had me expose my body to neighbors and walkers by. Honestly, I do not think I realized how good I had it as a submissive slut until I was stuck at home for months. Being a phone slut has long been a part-time job, but as soon as California shut down, it became my full-time job. My master still gives me my allowance for being his office whore, but I am not getting my salary for being his paralegal right now. I am thankful I have this phone job, but some of you are really making me earn that dough.

Submissive Phone Chat: I Will Humiliate Myself for You

submissive phone chatI enjoy submissive phone chat calls. I like being told what to do, even if it pushes my boundaries and crosses my comfort zone. I was talking to a new phone master this weekend. When it comes to phone masters, I have a lot. I never say no. Well, I don’t say no to most things. Some guys want me to do things too painful or awkward for me to do to myself. I am submissive, but I can never spank myself as hard or as well as you could. This phone master didn’t ask me to do anything I couldn’t do. He was into humiliating me. I get off on being treated like a worthless whore. He had me sit on my desk in front of a window and masturbate so people outside could see me. I didn’t want to get arrested, but I also didn’t want to anger my phone master. Some people saw me. Some acted like they didn’t see me, but I knew they did. And some were so buried in their cell phones they missed my submissive whore act. Lucky for them, that was just Act 1. After I diddled my kitty for passersby, I had to put my suction cup dildo against the window. My mistake for giving him an honest inventory of my sex toys. I had to back my naked ass against the window and fuck my dildo while cars and people went by my house. I heard several honks, so I knew some one was enjoying the show. I must live in this neighborhood. I am sure many people who know me saw me. That is very humiliating to me. I shamed myself for a phone master I have never met. It is ingrained in me to do as I am told. I am the perfect submissive slut even when it costs me my dignity.

BDSM Phone Sex: I am Not Your Only Slave!

bdsm phone sexI love bdsm phone sex calls. I am a subby whore. Tie me up, spank me, use me. My earliest memories are of being daddy’s submissive girl. I didn’t have a choice back then. He was my father. He would have killed me or put me out on the streets if I didn’t do as I was told. I always blamed my mother. She was not putting up with daddy’s mean behavior any longer, so she left. Either she didn’t think he would abuse me, or she didn’t give a fuck. Either way, I was still raised by a dominant man and my youth shaped who I am today. Today, I am a submissive whore who likes being used by men. From daddy to my husband to my master to all of you, I am just here for your pleasure. I didn’t like being daddy’s fuck slave when I was young, but now, I don’t know how to be anything else. I don’t want to be anything else but a submissive slave.

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submissive phone sexI am not trying to steer you away from me. I can handle whatever you can bring, but you do have lots of choices when it comes to submissive slaves.

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