submissive sex

submissive sex

I am a stupid cunt piece of shit! I do as I am told since I am a pathetic waist of a life. The great part is, is that is like a really good excuse for me. Most people don’t know why they are dumb and pathetic but at least I do and I am not going to try and hide it. I found a new person to be a dirty whore with. I like our relationship since he puts me in my place and I obviously desperately need it. He loves making me his little toilet shit eating whore. He ties my hands up and makes me clean his ass with my tongue. I am a walking piece of toilet paper. He slaps me across my filthy whore mouth if I don’t do a good job. I make sure to take every ounce of his shit and every piss filled cock pee hole that spews out warm acidic piss that burns when he sprays it in my eyeballs.

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