Submissive sex

submissive sex

My master today tied me to the bed and decided to have his way with me! It was a treat to be used by him. He tied me up with rope and put his hands around my neck and thrusted his big cock into my mouth. I sucked him past my tonsils and took him as deep as I could into my throat.

I was getting my spit all down my chin and chest. He tasted so good as he was precumming in my mouth. Once he was satisfied with how good I was sucking him, he decided to move lower into my pussy hole. He spread my legs wide and shoved himself into me.

He pounded my pussy as he smacked my face over and over. He spit in my eyes and told me what a little filthy whore that I am. I was so happy when he decided to blow his load all over my face, making me sticky wet in his cum.

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