Submissive sex

submissive sex

 I am a nasty little submissive bitch that craves to worship a big fat cock. I know what my master likes all the time and I like to cater to him making sure I please his cock and make it fill up with as much cum as I can. Since I have been a good little fuck whore he is letting me get my pussy stuffed with his big fat master cock. He take me by my hair and leads me to the bedroom where the bed is. I crawl on my hands and knees the hole time as he uses my hair as a leash. I get up on the bed like he tells me, already all naked cause that is how I am meant to be.

He tied up my body so that I am in the figure x. It is like I am offering up every hole and every part of my body to my master. He takes his cock out and lets it slap right into my face. I hold my tongue out and I begin to lick up and down his cock like a little cock sucking whore that I am. That cock is swelling up against my taste buds already. He makes me open my mouth wider so that he can skull fuck me and force his cock as deep as it wants to go in my throat. He beats that fat cock into my mouth making me gag and spit up all over it. I love and worship that cock that feels stuck in my throat.

After it is wet he lets my pussy that has been aching take him. His cock stretches me open and goes as deep and far as it can go in me. He owns me and my holes.

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