Take control of our fuck holes

Cock worshipingWe are nothing but two submissive whores and we love cock worshiping our devious Master. You own us and we beg for you to please use and abuse us at your discretion and however you see fit. Tie us up and bend us over, our wet cunts and tight assholes are eager to be destroyed by Master’s throbbing cock. We love to explore those kinky dark realms inside of your imagination, they’re too sadistic to tell anyone else. Shiloh and I are the ultimate taboo temptresses and we constantly need to be spanked and whipped into our places by a real freaky domme. Getting wild always gets us into trouble! Master takes control and has no mercy whatsoever. We’re both screaming and moaning as he twists us up and gapes us open. He’s a demon in flesh and he loves how fucking filthy we are. We wanna get twacked out of our minds off of drugs and be beaten into oblivion. Submissive sex chat with me and Shiloh is the best, especially because we can’t physically walk once Master is through with us. We get treated like total shit while he destroys our fuck holes!Submissive sex chat

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