Submissive sex and bare bottom spankings

Submissive slut

I got tied up by my Master Paul and I loved it! He tied me up in a corner and blindfolded me! His breath smelt like whiskey and he was doing lines of coke off my pussy! He filled my gums with coke! Then he rammed my numb mouth with his 9 inch cock and had no mercy towards me! I loved how he dominated me and disrespected me the way he did! He rammed all my holes with no mercy! He even used a baseball bat and rammed it up my sport asshole with no lube! The tv volume was turned up to the max and my screaming was matching the televisions volume! He enjoyed torturing me and I enjoyed submitting! I am a BDSM whore who obeys everything done to me by my masters! I have 2 masters, my daddy and Mr. Paul, they both hurt me and dominate me with no mercy! I am such a fucking stupid whore, that is what they both call me!

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