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Submissive sex chat


I have a mistress who loves to whisper a little submissive sex chat into my ear as I obey her domineering commands.  Her voice is smooth and gentle but her actions are rough and unkind.  She obviously likes the stark contrast between the tone she uses and the actions she takes.

Yeah, I know why.  I’m not that dense, I’m a blonde not a moron.  Every super sub knows that their overseer lulls them into a false sense of security through acts of kindness and benevolence (see, I know words, too) then rips away that invisible security blanket with pain and humiliation.  If any masochistic man or woman hasn’t had that experience, then they aren’t really into submission.  Sorry to tell you.

My mumbling madame knows exactly what she’s doing, which helps to bring a sense of security to a submissive slut like me.  She strokes my hair and skin as she breathes out insult-peppered compliments right into my ear canal.  I don’t know about you but I love having my ears played with, sends shivers up and down my whole body.  Especially when I cum, oh my god!  

This mistress knows how to direct her carbon dioxide directly down to my eardrum with ease.  It’s all about the angles, I guess.  She can spank my ass until it’s black and blue, even bloody and raw, as long as she’s tongue fucking every single part of my ear as she does it.  She switches up the punishments every time, but she always makes me play maid with her so she can follow behind me really close and boss me around, then correct my poor performance with a whisper and a slap if needed.  

Ironing her clothes is kind of scary because she likes to hold the scalding hot iron right up to my face and threatens to burn off my pretty ears and cheeks with it when I don’t make her pleats absolutely perfect.  She never does it, but her hate whispers really make me feel like she wouldn’t hesitate.  I don’t care, she gives me whole body orgasms without ever even touching my sloppy wet cunt.  Have you ever made a sub cream simply by using submissive sex chat?  If not, you have some learning to do.


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    • Kinley on July 8, 2022 at 7:39 pm
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    You are the best submissive whore around.

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