Submissive sex chat

submissive sex chat

Master has been really stressed out lately since he has been working so hard trying to make the big bucks. So I decided to visit him at work where he is the most stressed to see if I could take way some of his frustration. I snuck into his office so that his workers and secretary would not see me do all the nasty things I normally do to please my master. Once I carefully snuck into the office I was greeted by not only my master but his partner at the firm. Master was trying to show off since he knows that I would do anything to please him, he instructed me to get completely naked in front of them both.

So I did as he commanded being the obedient submissive whore that I am. I began to slide my panties off then followed by my tight dark blue dress then my bra. My master then told me to get on my knees and to crawl under his desk. Once I made it all the way across the office and under his desk he unzipped his pants and instructed me to suck his cock like the good cock holster that I am. I began licking and sucking his cock making sure that master was extremely happy with my performance. I then felt his big beefy hands shove my head deeper and deeper into his pants.

I then could hear him instructing me to swallow his giant cock until he cums deep in the back of my throat. I could feel his large swollen cock head reaching the back of my throat sliding as deep as it could before going back out then back in. Trying to stay as quiet as I could while master was enjoying him self pushing my head down hard and fast. Trying not to gag was nearly impossible since his cock is just so big . My gag reflex was acting up so I tried to hold back my puke until finally I threw up all over his cock gasping for air I continued to eat his cock making sure it was clean so that I could make up for puking up all over. Master was upset since he has been cock training me and my throat for a couple of months now and would have expected more of me by now. My master then instructed me to climb out from under my desk and to get on top of it with my ass facing him in a doggy style position. I was kind of worried since when I fuck up he tends to punish me badly. So he ordered me to stay put under all circumstances if I want to make up for what just happened. As I waited patiently my master brought in my mother who saw me butt naked on his desk in doggy position.

She proceeded to walk into the office where she took a seat right In front  of me to see what was going to happen to me. My master came in to the room thanked her for coming and told her that I have been such a nasty girl who hasn’t exactly done what she was told. I was so embarrassed since my mother has never seen me act in such a way. My master began fucking me in front of her telling her to watch every  second of it or else he will punish her too. She stared into my eyes as my master stretched out my holes making sure he filled them up with his delicious cum, telling me that this incident was a warning because next time he will punish my mother next to me so that way I really learn my lesson. Lesson learned Never disappoint your master.

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