Submissive sex Cheating and punishments

submissive sexI am in trouble and I know it. I am what you call a milf submissive sex slave. I have no identity other than being a wife and mother that is submissive to her husband’s desires. I am still a woman though, and my libido often gets me in severe trouble. My son is so handsome and strong, and I just could not resist fucking him behind my Masters back. One evening my Master husband was coming into town a bit early, I had no clue. I was happily riding my son’s cock all that week. I knew I should have stopped a couple days before and cleaned up all evidence of my son’s rather large young cock being inside me. I should know that after 20 plus years of marriage my Husband rules my body and always knows when something is amiss! The precise reason he snuck home early was to catch me in the act. And little did I know he had already planned out my extreme punishment! I was yanked by my hair to the ground and beaten as my son and husband both worked my bondage gear tight! I screamed and begged and apologized, even though I knew it wouldn’t do any good. The three black men waiting in the pain room scared me and I knew I had to go through with this. I risked losing my slave status and being tossed out like yesterday’s garbage if I didn’t. I had to take being blown out by black cock all night. I couldn’t move in my rope rig and I had to endure my pussy ass and whore mouth being used like a cheap pussy stroker.

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