Submissive Sex Easter

submissive slut

Happy Easter with submissive sex. This man I hang with on occasion came over for Easter brunch. I have not seen him in a while, so when he called me, I invited him to have Easter brunch with my son and daughter. It quickly became apparent that he only wanted my daughter. I tried to convince him she is not in to dominant men. He said she just had not met the right man yet. I will admit I was jealous. I can’t compete with a teen slut. Gravity loves her. She is cute and perky and tight. Three things this old submissive whore is not anymore. My daughter is not my biggest fan either. I knew if she caught wind of the fact that he wanted to fuck her, she would be his subby whore out of spite. My daughter is no dummy. She picked up on it in minutes. The next thing I knew, she had her shirt off and her tits in his face telling me he should fuck her instead. She didn’t know what she was getting into. He pulled her by her cock teasing hair and threw her on the dining room table. He pulled her panties off and fucked her tight ass. Her face was face down in the mashed potatoes as he gave her such a hardcore ass fucking that she screamed bloody murder. Seeing her in pain made me see the situation differently. I was no longer jealous. I was happy. Happy that my righteous stuck up bitch of a daughter was finally getting the slave training she needs. My cunt daughter has been a cock teaser for years. It was about time that she was shown how to be a cock pleaser. My old friend broke her and now she will be a good subby whore just like her mommy.

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