Submissive sex gives me the craziest orgasms I’ve ever felt.

Submissive sex I hold my Masters cock for him when he pees… I am his Urinal; he enjoys using the face of his Submissive slave. I always succumb to his kinky desires as his Submissive slut, I know my place. If ever the bathroom is occupied and I am in his way, I spread my Sexy legs apart and let his piss stream down my body. I have my jaw dropped to flush away the Iced tea he drank on an overwhelmingly hot day. For Master, I will do anything!

There is No Stop word, he does as he pleases to his slave slut. Facesitting; is how he uses my face! Every inch of his big cock fits into my tiny little throat. I love it so much when Sir, uses me… Without men, I wouldn’t know what to do with myself. Men are what makes it possible for me to breathe. I am honored by Adam’s rib! Passionate, rough Submissive sex is the most intense Creampie fuck I have ever experienced. It gives me the craziest orgasms I have ever felt.

I am so flexible that my pussy will eat your dick, sometimes a man needs a quick relief. I am not ungrateful I will praise you for your days’ hard work and give you the GFE you deserve. I’ll earn the long waves of orgasms you are going to give me like a good girl. Oh My God, I want you to cum deep inside of me, breed me. I am a Bit of an Amateur submissive who is willing to learn how to please my new daddy and I promise to be very, very obedient during Slave training.

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