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submissive sex

Submissive sex is what I was born to do. I do not have a dominant bone in my body. My master had a rare get together with some clients and fellow lawyers over the weekend. I was there to be the hostess and slave. I was looking forward to it. Been awhile since I was used in a group setting. I was the only woman there. Master had me dressed in a sexy French Maid outfit serving cocktails and performing oral on his guests. Whatever they wanted, I provided. I am in my realm servicing men. I may not always like it, but I always do it. One of his cronies wanted his ass licked. Old man ass is not my favorite, but a submissive whore does not complain. I sucked it up and rimmed his old, shriveled asshole. He laughed at me. So did the other men who took his lead. I had to crawl down an assembly line of old men and lick hairy old buttholes. Some of these men were ancient others were my age. But I think I tossed about 30 salads before the night was over. At one point in the evening, master and his cronies gangbanged me into oblivion. No Viagra was consumed that I saw, but plenty of men had hard old dicks for my fuck holes. Most of them wanted to fuck my whore asshole. Out of the men who fucked my ass, almost none of them had anal sex before. I was worried old dicks would not get hard enough to fuck my ass, but I guess I did not account for the fact that these men were in rare form. They were at this party to do the things they never could do with their wives. This submissive slut got fucked in the ass, cum in her face and I had to toss a lot of salads. Master was happy with me though because I made his clients and colleagues happy. That is my end goal always. Make the men happy.

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    • Kyle on June 17, 2022 at 1:47 pm
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    You are the perfect whore Bernice

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