Fuck I love how you take every hole!

Submissive slutI love the way you feel deep inside my wet cunt! I have been craving you and my pussy won’t let me lie. I try to play hard to get but as soon as you get in between my thighs you pound me harder than I thought I could take. I am a pain whore but you surprised me with that hard thrust. I whimper before I submit to you. You know I’m your whore and you can use all my holes for your pleasure. I kneel looking up at you hoping your will face fuck me before your grip my hair and force me on all fours. I can not see the plans you have brewing for me but I know that you will hurt me. Yes baby, hurt me! Punish this wet tight cunt just right! I am a cum dumpster and I want you to dump all the cum in me! Fuck me hard and make me regret ever making you upset, or happy, because either way I was getting this punishment! I cry out as you pound me, your cock ramming my cervix, and I know you love the way that feels! I enjoy the combination of the pain and pleasure and you wouldn’t care either way. You love to use me like the fuck whore I am! I was made to be used so use me baby! Force your cock deeper! My walls collapse around you as I cum hard on your cock causing you to moan as you feel me reach the finish line. Your rock hard cock makes its way out of my dripping wet cunt and into my tight round ass. Fuck I love how you take every hole!


    • JORDAN on June 15, 2022 at 1:11 pm
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    I will force you into a pretzel as I shove my cock down your whore mouth!

    • Master on June 17, 2022 at 1:48 pm
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    Those are some saggy assed lips I would love to clamp and whip them

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