Punishment from Master

bare bottom spankingsI was a bad girl for you today master, one of your guards offered me their thick cocks and I just couldn’t say no. You caught us in the act just as he was giving me his salty sweet cum and you grabbed me by the hair right off of his cock. I couldn’t say anything because of how terrified I was so I just stayed quiet while you laid me face down on the bed strapping both my feet and arms together. You positioned me with my ass in the air and told me not to move. I dare not disobey you again master so I stayed in that same position until you were ready. My pussy was already wet from thinking about all of the ways you were going to punish me but I really wasn’t ready to the smack of a whip stinging my right ass cheek. I fell a little and you told me that was going to be 10 more but you switched to different whips every 10 spanks. If I faltered or screamed at all you added more on so I tried to be a good girl until I couldn’t take anymore. You ended by spreading your sweet cum all over my ass cheeks marking me as yours once again.

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    • JR on June 17, 2022 at 1:46 pm
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    I own that pussy our call was so hot slave

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