Submissive sex leads to impregnantion and School girl teachings

Submissive sexSubmissive sex with a mother of some school girls sluts gets freaky one Afternoon. It is to tell the girls that Mommy is expecting a bundle of joy. Master has bred her and now he wants to spread his seed even more. Women like me often seek father figures to be what daddy was when they were growing up. Seems as if the universe put my master in my life for this very reason. My own dad taught me that I should obey every mans desires. 

Submissive sex leads to impregnation and School girl teachings

I am now willing to do anything to please my master. I will do whatever it takes to make sure his needs are met. I am his property and I belong to him. So when he began putting brats in my womb I was ecstatic! And now my girls are in school and we are always seeking ways to be dominated and disciplined! 

This submissive whore found herself as a school PTA Mom of a school ruled by a silent master.  I take pride in my role as a school PTA Mom and I enjoy the power I have over the other mothers. I make sure my girls are obedient and always follow the master’s rules. I am now addicted to the thrill of being dominated by a powerful man.

All of the teachers and staff have a man who is behind the scenes making sure the school is only staffed with the most submissive and sexy bitches. We have orgies for him and now that I am pregnant the Master has demanded that each bitch begin working on spawning new sluts just like me! We are all his submissives breeding for Master and I deal with my won master as well. Being owned by two men and breeding for them and teaching daughters the by the way of bare bottom spankings and breeding is the ultimate 

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