Submissive Sex Made Me A P-Mommy!

Submissive Sex
I know it was submissive sex that led me down the path of becoming a p-mommy who whores out her precious daughters. I knew the first time I was dominated by a real master that I would give anything I had to feel the sweet release of submission. That moment was so pivotal in my journey to becoming a hopeless bondage whore because I had no thoughts of motherhood in my head… I never thought I’d end up tied up on my bed watching my oldest daughter get her underaged cunt stuffed full of cock. She was right across the foot of my bed getting used like a fuck toy for master and all I can do I watch. My cunt was dripping into my panties because master was watching me, he looked me right in my eyes while he made my daughter a submissive whore, just like me…

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