Submissive sex Mommas

submissive sex


Submissive sex mommas will do anything to cock worship. A chance at a stripper pole and some cash never deterred me.  Good thing master loves showing off my sexy older body. I knew this wouldn’t be a run of the mill sex show. The men who had gathered had eclectic tastes. THey needed more than some tits and pussy on stage. Soon I would be on the dance floor showing off my ass and toast and waiting on comments and commands from my Master and his friends who occupied the club. Once the music started and I began to grind on the pole I knew I was in trouble. Soon hands reached up for me and brought me into the crowd. Master quickie put me in my ball gag and let all these men use me in different ways. I could suck a cock but then my gag would be put back as I was filled up so many times I lost count. A shameful submissive whore laid out to be used as a cum eating cum slut cum dump. And all was right with the world as I slipped into a beautiful sub space and submission as I had never before! Not bad for an older whore huh? I know my place and I know how to serve!submissive whore


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