Bare Bottom Spankings to Another Sub

bare bottom spankingsMaster had a surprise for me Friday when I got to the office. He wanted me to give bare bottom spankings to a colleague’s slave. Master won her in a poker game. He got her for 24 hours. He wanted my help playing with her. I almost never get to be dominant, even to another woman, so I was going to enjoy this. I put her over my desk and spanked her bare ass while master masturbated. He was enjoying watching some girl-on-girl sub action. He was directing the action. After I spanked her, he had me put on a strap-on and fuck her. I felt like a queen fucking her cunt and ass. I got into it too because master was watching and stroking his old dick. I grabbed her hair and rode her like a mechanical bull. I slapped her ass and squeezed her big tits too. My pussy was so wet. Master did not want to fuck her. I think he was afraid his old dick would not work. He was living vicariously through me. And I was acting like a bitch in heat. I made her eat my ass and lick my cunt. I pissed on her face. I even tied up her big titties and slapped them around. I did to her all the things men have done to me and it felt amazing to be somewhat in charge. I have learned from some of the best masters around. My master was so proud of me he is considering letting me help with the slave training of other submissives. He is often asked to help break in new subs for his colleagues.  I think I have paid my dues. I am ready to help break in new meat and train them to be good whores. Maybe, I can be your accomplice instead of your victim?

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