Submissive sex through the holidays for my Masters

Submissive sex

Submissive sex through the holidays for my Masters who need a whimpering bitch at the end of a belt! If you do not know me, Im Robyn a cock hungry milf who will do anything to please. Trained at the end of a big fat brutal daddy cock I know how to please! I still remember fondly the feel of daddy’s belt stinging my backside as I cried out begging him to stop. Still heats up my cunt to this day!

Just thinking about the Kitchen chair he would tie me to naked after I had fucked up some house rule has me fingering myself.  He would always make me beg for his forgiveness before he would let me cum. His love for punishment was so strong. I miss his touch and the smell of his cologne.

Submissive sex for men who need a stress release

Bondage phone sex is a way of life for me. I never disobey on my own. I might be a little too dumb for my own good though! Following my pussy instead of my brain has gotten me knee-deep in shit for as long as I can remember. And now I ahve a couple sweet offspring that are quickly catching on to what mommy is. So if you are a DOM son who thinks mommy needs punishment Ill be happy to fill those shoes for you! Or if you are a daddy who would like to revisit training his sweet plaything, Im you dirty lil brat! Train me and make me behave in only the way you can! 

A time of remembering and letting go of the stress of the world with a subby piece of meat

Erotic bondage stories to get lost in my pussy with from me or you are needed. Tell me the most kinky ways you and your wife, daughter, or Slave have gotten! Remember that I love to share and roleplay many things. My pussy gets off to serving and being a cum slut! Tis the season for cuddling up with a nice drink and beating your sub’s ass!  

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