Submissive Sex with Daddy

submissve sex

Submissive sex is something I have always given to my daddy. I hated my mommy and her drug problem. Mommy slept around with a lot of dirty men to pay off daddy’s gambling debts. I had always liked being around my dad. I liked sitting on his lap and giving him puppy dog eyes to get drinks of his beer. He treated me like his princess. I am daddy’s princess. When I came to budding little breasts daddy could not keep his hands off of me. He set up boundaries and rules for me. My pops did not want me to be a 2 bit whore like mama and made me his subby princess. I kept daddy happy and in turn I got anything I wanted. In my teens I was considered to old for daddy and he decided to let other Masters purchase me for their use. All of my Masters are ones that my dad chose for me and they pay him to own me. I am a slave that is owned. It’s my will to please my Masters’ and my Daddies. Are you going to be my Master or my Daddy? The difference is that daddy treats me like a princess and spoils me but also gets a little rough with me when I fall out of line. Master’s own me and make use of me like the sex slave that they purchased me as. Which will it be?

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