Submissive sex with his new slave pet

submissive sex

Dominant men love to make you feel like crap, especially in front of a crowd. Submissive sex is not for everyone, and it can put you in a downward spiral if you aren’t meant to be a sub slut. My master brought over another girl. I won’t deny there was a ton of rage built up in me knowing he had another sub slave at his fingertips. I knew I had to stay quiet and look pretty. I wouldn’t dare to mention how incredibly green with envy I was. Her style was so hot, and she was gorgeous. I knew he enjoyed her because he couldn’t get his hands off her. My inferiority complex was crystal clear. The next task at hand would be one proven to make me look like a fool.

submissive whore isla


I had to be her submissive whore. Master loved to see cruel female domination. Lots of paddling and pegging would be going on, and he would see who could be the winner. The one that ends up getting him off the best will get a weekend off from dungeon duty. The loser would get a hogtie surprise. It was game on, and after a nice ass beating from the master himself, we both grew tired but knew we had to outshine one another. I had my eye on the prize. All I wanted was a weekend getaway and alone time with my master. Eliana wasn’t going to back down in her roughness. She was one mean bitch to me. At first, she began tugging on my nipples, and I began to pin her down to give her an anal pound. I was winning at the pegging game. It got bloody at first. Master demanded we become used to each other and had us kiss and make up. We both ended up spending the weekend out of the domination dungeon and pleased the master whenever he wanted. 

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    Great fuck dolls for Master

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