Submissive sex with your fav ginger slave trainer!

Submissive sexMy all time favorite Submissive sex is with a sweetie little teen who is new to the domination and submissive world. My master made me in charge of breaking in all the new meat. I am pretty great at training and there is nothing I like more that pretty teen pussy. It is especially fun when a sweet little whore like this has never been with another woman before. I get so excited to show her the ropes and make good use of her holes and body. My master is always so proud when I bring out a fresh piece of holes for him. 

I always tell her that the way to a dominant man’s heart AKA “Master” is by Cock worshiping him whenever he is around. He gets off on sluts who throw themselves at him and praise him. He knows he is doing good in the world; one slut at time. This is why I always have to make sure my bitches are trained and ready for daddy. If they aren’t prepped correctly I will be punish fucked and used until he is happy. Sometimes he likes to abuse and force me to do anything just to get his cock nice and hard so he can spray a big load. 

It’s time for some fun BDSM chat with your favorite ginger whore. Call me so I can tell you all about breaking this little sweetie in. I get another cunt to train soon too! I can’t wait to have all my bitches lined up and ready to be fucked by daddy dick in no time!

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