Submissive Spanking

submissive whore

Last week during a meeting we had a new man step in as one of my co-workers is sick. He was very polite, and did exactly as I demanded.
He had originally asked to see me privately to talk about a permanent position, as he enjoyed how I ran things. We spoke briefly, I watched as he traced the outline of my body with his eyes, and couldn’t help but imagining him bending me right over my desk, and fucking my sweet little pussy.
Of course that wasn’t going to happen, so now I’m off work and my pussy is throbbing. I need to please someone, I need to be told what exactly you want, and how you want me to do it. I need you to tie my hands up, bind me together, and tell me just how you want me to deep throat your fat cock.
I need you to fuck my throat until I can’t breath as you shove your rock hard cock deeper. Pulling out of my mouth all my spit covering your cock and my big tits. I want you to throw me down, hands still tied and fuck my tits… I need you right now, I’m ready to submit to you fully and give you my body… cum find me!

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