Ouch My Ass Hurts!

Spanking phone sexMy boyfriend runs our home like a drill sergeant. He even has a chore list for me to do everyday. If something is out of place or not done to his satisfaction I get punished. Yesterday I forgot to dust our coffee table and he lost it. He made me pull my panties down and lay over his lap. He raised his hand high and brought it down hard on my ass. He spanked my ass over and over again. He enjoys causing me pain, I felt his hard erection against my stomach. He kept slapping my ass and tears fell from my eyes.
“No, please stop!”, I pleaded
But he ignored my cries and kept hitting me. My ass felt so bad and tender. Next, he pushed me off of his lap and pulled his cock out. I knew what he wanted and I started sucking. He likes me to bob my head back and forth really fast. If I don’t do it fast enough he’ll grab the back of my head and brutally fuck my face. I sucked and licked his big cock like a porn star. I wanted his cum in my mouth, I didn’t want him to be mad at me anymore. He shot his warm load into my mouth and relief flooded my body. I have to keep my man happy. I can’t lose him.

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