Submissive Whore’s Manifesto: Getting Filthy With Your Dominance

Please, Master, use me as you wish. I’m your submissive whore, here to pleasure you in any way you desire. I’m on my knees, waiting for your command. The dirtier your wishes, the hornier I become.

My hands are quivering as I hold them up, ready to do your bidding. If I falter, I know you’ll punish me, Master. The thought of your discipline makes my heart race and my cunt drip with desire. I’m a good girl, and I’ll keep those books steady, even as your fingers thrust deeply into my soaked pussy.

I’m all yours, Master. Do with me as you will. Punish me, own me, and make me your dirty little whore. I love it when you treat me like the filthy slut I am, pushing me to my limits. Your cock is my addiction, and I yearn for it in places most would find taboo.

“Please, Master, spank me, fuck me, and make me feel your dominance. I want to be your willing slave, a possession to be used for your pleasure. Cum inside me, treat me like an object, and I’ll be your good little slut, forever obedient.”

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