Surprising Night At Home

I had no idea my night would include bondage and submission! My boyfriend went away on a business trip for the weekend. I thought it would be the perfect time to take a relaxing bubble bath and do my nails. It felt so good to slip my robe off and sink down into the bubbles. I drifted off into such a relaxed state that I didn’t even hear the door open.  I felt a hands on my shoulders pushing me under water! I flailed my arms and kicked my feet, trying to get a breath. The stranger pulled me up by my hair. All I saw was his masked face. He screamed at me to get out of the tub. When I bent to pick up my robe, he slapped me. I stood up quickly, leaving the robe on the floor. He marched me into the bedroom where two other men were waiting with rope and a gag. I knew it was no use to scream. They tied me to the bed face up. They took out a baseball bat and electrodes,  hooked me to a battery and started unzipping their pants. That’s where my long night began.Bondage and submission

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