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Bare Bottom Spankings Are a Vibe

Bare bottom spanking

The way you take your manly hands and lift my skirt, and I can feel the strength behind your might as young slap down on my ass cheeks as hard as you can. My ass cheeks jiggle so hard, in unison, that it sends a wave of vibration through to my pussy. You repeat and the vibrations run right through directly this time past my pussy lips to my swollen clit.

With each bare bottom spanking, I start cupping my pussy humping the bed. Thrusting my hips and saw arched in the air going up and side to side. I press hard down on my slutty cum hole and almost able to cum from that alone.

However, he makes a move to grab my hair and pull.

My towards him. Blindfolded and at his mercy, touch and sound are the only senses I must go on. I love the spankings because it lets me feel you. And the pain is quickly overshadowed by the way you make my cunt tickle with pure euphoria, excitement, seduction.

We continue our wild ride well into the night. But it all started with your hand on my hard round ass punishing your bad girl and ended with cum squirting on the same ass.