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A mouthy Submissive slut deserves to be bound

Submissive slut He ruthlessly pounded my cunt like I was a silicone sex doll! Daddy has trained me to be the perfect Submissive slut he desires.. I am to greet daddy at the door bent over with my ass tooted up, so he can check off the list! Daddy writes my daily duties on my derriere, numbered!

Every number indicates how many spankings I will be getting if my chore was not completed! I hate to upset daddy.. If I ever do, he humiliates me by making me pick and shine the leather belt he will be using to whip my ass.. I know better than to get mouthy with daddy.. He is my superior, I am well aware I am inferior to man.

Daddy loves when I am bent over in front of the mirror with my tits hanging, while he is giving me Bare bottom spankings.. He holds his cock in his other hand and strokes while watching my ass welt and turn beet red from the intense whips as I helplessly plead with daddy; making him aware I have learned my lesson and I will never make the same mistake again.

Daddy knows exactly how to get to me, he knows after my spankings if he leaves me to sleep alone without his warm arms wrapped around me I will suffer.. So, that’s what he does! He is very stern with me, that’s not because he is an asshole.. It’s because he wants to teach me how to be the best I can be.

He wants me to be aware of my position! I thank daddy for the abuse I am to endure if ever, I disrespect him.. I know that it was well deserved! It teaches me manners.. I listen intently to daddy without interruption, I am his peace.. I live to satisfy every and all of daddies hottest desires. It is on me to do as daddy pleases, this determines whether I will be receiving soft or Extreme bondage!